Creative workshops that are truly an experience.

Small groups of up to 4 people. Experience the clay in a relaxed and creative atmosphere at a private studio with a garden view.


We’ll have fun making flowers, birds and butterflies, using my own original moulds. Create 4-6 items of your choice. Workshop consists of two meetings of 3 hours. Suitable for all levels.


₪ 350
All materials and firing included


Turn your favorite selfie into a ceramic Pop Art style portrait.
Workshop consists of two meetings of 3 hours.


₪ 350
All materials and firing included


A journey into mathematical structures and geometric forms according to sacred principles discovered long ago.

We will explore what structures our universe and learn the basic qualities of numbers and they are implemented in the natural world, architecture, religion and more. Bringing the experience to your own hands working with natural earth materials to create structures based on those sacred principles of which the whole universe is built upon.

Workshop consist of 8 meetings of 3 hours each.


₪ 1,350
All materials and firing included

Gift Voucher – The Clay Experience

Give a loved one an original gift. The chance to experience clay and its amazing qualities.

This can be a general introduction to building and sculpting with earth clay or tailored to work on a specific topic of interest. Experience consists of a minimum of two meetings to allow both building and painting of artwork.

Suitable for children, youth and adults

  • One on one basis tailor made to suit the recipient
  • Creative quality time for family members, couples and friends
  • Groups of up to 4


Contact for details